Babies Home

Our babies home rests on three peaceful acres of rural farmland in Kalagala, Uganda. In our care, the children receive love, nourishment, shelter, and medical attention while a plan is created for their future. When resettlement is appropriate, it is always our first course of action. We provide a safe place for visiting and bonding before a child is permanently reunited with biological parents or known relatives. Fostering to adopt either domestically or internationally is pursued when resettlement proves impossible.

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A large portion of our land is used for farming fruits and vegetables to provide a healthy local diet for the children and caretakers. We grow matoke, cassava, beans, papaya, and seasonal greens. We also raise fish, chickens, turkey, goats, and rabbits for eggs, milk, and meat. Our well provides a fresh drinking supply and water for the crops during drought. Our goal is to be a fully self-sufficient operation, enabling us to further extend our care to at-risk children and young mothers in the greater community.


Vocational Training

To help solve the problem of child abandonment, we provide vocational skills training to teenagers and single mothers so they can become self-sustaining and able to care for their children. We provide hands-on experience in practical vocations like tailoring, hairdressing, food processing, catering, craft making, bricklaying, plumbing, and electrical work.


Community Outreach

Our staff and volunteers visit nearby homes and hospitals to provide a few basic needs when we have an abundance to share. We help renovate unstable dwellings for the families of sponsored children. And we facilitate sporting events to encourage healthy bodies and boost feelings of unity and pride. We offer a listening ear and a voice of God to anyone in search of these.