The costs of maintaining our facility and caring for the children is more than we are able to fully support. Our farm requires equipment, labor, and feed, while our babies home depends on trustworthy caregivers and administrators. Many children come to our home in desperate medical condition and need immediate attention plus ongoing healthcare in addition to the daily basics of food, clothing, and diapering. We gratefully accept material donations as well as financial contributions.

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Sponsor a Child

A nurturing environment and education are key to transforming a child’s world. Any child has the ability to rise above their difficult circumstance and create a successful life for himself. By investing in one child, you mold a better future for an entire nation — one that spares other children from enduring the same hardships. Your monthly sponsorship provides life-giving education and covers basic needs such as clothing, shelter, food, medicine, mosquito nets, and childcare.

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Foster or Adopt

Every child’s birthright is to grow up in a stable and loving family. We first always exhaust all efforts to resettle a child into their biological family. When this is not a viable option, we believe fostering is the next best alternative. Fostering temporarily or with the intent to adopt gives a child the gifts of individualized attention, attachment, familial modeling, and emotional support. Ugandans, as well as internationals residing in Uganda for 12 consecutive months, are eligible to foster and adopt.

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Volunteer or Intern

Whether domestic or international, short or long term, we are honored to host individual and group volunteers and offer a life-changing experience in return. We also invite students from universities around the world seeking to give back and explore Uganda while gaining invaluable skills in ethics, administration, poverty alleviation, and social work. Internships are unpaid, but give back in unique work experience and emotional dividends. A guest room is available onsite for volunteers.

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