Make a Donation

Thank you kindly for donating to Peace Transitional Home! We rely on private funding like yours to cover a majority of our operating expenses.

Please click the button below to visit the website of Carolina Adoption Services (CAS), our non-profit 501(c)(3) partner in the United States. All donations for Peace Transitional Home go through CAS so your contribution can be made by credit card and be tax-deductible. Just follow the instructions below so your gift is applied to us!

On the Donation page at CAS, be sure to:

  • Select "Orphan Care" in the drop-down for "Please select a project"
  • Type "PTH" in the field for "Specify gift details or country fund"

Here is how your generous funds will be utilized:

  • Home care: Food, water, caretaker salaries, social work support, maintenance, security, utilities, farm supplies and equipment
  • Administration: stationery, internet, transportation
  • Health care: medical support for the children and caretakers